Photo of Rosie Tackley

Rosie Tackley

Rosie was originally a Sheffield Business graduate, followed up with a QMUL Masters in Globalisation and Development.  This led to a career within the public and charitable sector, working for organisations such as the National Probation Service and Sue Ryder.  After attainment of the College of Law LPC, she worked at Shelter Legal Services for 5 years, supporting litigation for vulnerable clients facing homelessness and repossession.  The demise of Legal Aid prompted Rosie to take a different public-focused career route, by working as an Ombudsman, where she has acted concurrently on disputes relating to furniture, removals, installations and Trusted Traders.

Rosie’s work as an Ombudsman since June 2017 demonstrates her well-developed knowledge of consumer law,  and proven ability in dealing with consumer disputes on a wide range of issues, alongside excellent customer service. This has been further developed through the attainment of a BTEC accreditation in Complaint Handling, delivery of internal training, and progression toward her professional CIArb qualification.

Rosie was keen to transfer this knowledge and skill set toward pioneering the Rail Ombudsman service, because having commuted for over 10 years, she knows the importance of  increased accountability in this sector and raising industry standards.  Toward her new role, she has engaged in rail specific training, stakeholder engagement and research, that further immerses her in the relevant consumer law and discrimination issues from the perspective of all relevant parties.